A rare family gathering

As we all grow our families and move towns it can be hard to bring everyone together in the one place at the one time, on the special occasion of their parents anniversary and surprise dinner we set off for some family memories.


Though it had threatened to rain us out on this occasion we were very lucky to stay dry  apart from some wet feet from a little dash into the water.

The most remarkable thing about this session is that those 5 little people stayed in great moods the entire time and were just a joy to work with, yay for happy little munchkins.



A whole lotta love.


Maternity sessions are always so lovely with much expectation in the air and on this particular day also a lot of sand! Off we set to the beach with mum dad and 2 cheeky monkeys who do very well at the cheeky part, evident in the images!


Wonderful to be around such a vibrant and loving family and of course I cannot wait to meet the newest addition who will be here starring in a newborn session in the not too distant future.


Winter afternoon

It is in Winter that you really appreciate living in Queensland, such glorious afternoons wandering down to the beach. This happy little family made the afternoon that much brighter with their bundle of happiness in toe, Jonah was as fascinated with the camera as it was with him. Mum and dad were pretty in love this little man and well who wouldn’t be.

Little Miss Emily



12 days old

This little sweetheart melts my heart, such an angel and I have the added bonus of being able to watch her grow up. Her so very happy mum and dad are bound to cherish every moment. With an awesome big brother who loves her so much and also likes to drives cars over her head she sure is going to be in for some fun times ahead.